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Im Rahmen des Informatik-Kolloquiums, das von den Instituten des Fachbereichs Informatik, der Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Informatik (ÖGI), der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Datenverarbeitung (ADV) sowie der Österreichischen Computergesellschaft (OCG) abgehalten wird, spricht

Dr. Thomas Zettler

Infineon Technologies AG München

über das Thema:

Modern System on Chip Design

Zeit: Thu 17.6.2004, 15:30, 60 Minuten
Ort: HS 13


Exponential progress and evolution of silicon manufacturing technology has enabled the creation of real systems on a chip (SOC). These systems form an integral part of todays daily use technical products like for example mobile phones and cars. This presentation gives an introduction to definition and application scope of systems on a chip. Technical keyfigures of typical systems on chip are presented. Evolution of design flow with implications of earlier approaches and related improvement steps are explained. Major challenges faced in SOC design like productivity, verification, timing, power and test are discussed in some detail, adressing also current trends and extrapolation for future technology nodes. Moreover basic insight to important workflow aspects of current industry SOC projects is provided in a final section.


Thomas Zettler received Diploma and Dr. rer. nat. degree in semiconductor physics from the institute of applied physics of the University of Hamburg, Germany in 1987 and 1989 respectively. From 1991 – 1993 he worked in the Corporate Research and Development department of Siemens AG, Munich, Germany in the field of CMOS technology process integration . From 1993 to 1994 he was responsible project leader for a mixed analogue digital process development of the Siemens Semiconductor group. In 1994 Dr. Zettler joined chipcard department of Siemens AG where he was responsible for full custom flash memory design and lead a combined product development , technology and design flow project. Since 1998 he works on digital design concepts in the mobile phone chip department of Infineon Technologies AG, Munich , Germany . Besides several conference contributions he has authored and co-authored more than 30 papers and patents in the fields of chip design , semiconductor process technology and physics.
Einladender: o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Richard Hagelauer

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