Computer Science

Computer Science Colloquium

Dipl.-Inf. Felix Loesch
Robert Bosch GmbH, Stuttgart

Restructuring Variability in Software Product Lines using Concept Analysis of Product Configurations

Thu 28.06.2007, 15:30, 60 minutes
Raum K033C, Keplergebäude


Abstract (der Vortrag findet auf Deutsch statt) The management of variability plays an important role in successful software product line engineering. As the set of products that is derived from the product line and their requirements are constantly changing, the variability in the product line needs to evolve as well. A typical problem in such an evolution scenario is that the number of variable features and variants will explode, and thus become unmanageable. One of the reasons for this explosion is that obsolete variable features are not removed. In order to address this problem, we present a new method for restructuring and simplifying the provided variability in a software product line. Our method is based on concept analysis. It analyzes the realized variability in a software product line, and constructs a lattice that provides a classification of the usage of variable features in real products derived from the product line. We show how this classification can be used to derive restructuring strategies for variability that solve the problem of variability explosion. The effectiveness of our method is demonstrated by presenting a case study of restructuring the variability in a large industrial software product


Felix Loesch is a PhD student at Corporate Research and Advance Engineering of Robert Bosch GmbH. His research interests are variability management in software product lines, software reengineering and software visualization. He received a M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, in 2004. Prior to that he studied Software Engineering at the University of Stuttgart. He obtained his Diploma in Computer Science from University of Stuttgart in 2005. His advisor is Prof. Dr. Erhard Ploedereder.
Invited by o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hanspeter Moessenboeck

The Computer Science Colloquium is organized by the Department of Coputer Science at JKU, the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Informatik (ÖGI) and the Österreichische Computergesellschaft (OCG).
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