Computer Science

Computer Science Colloquium

Marcus Lagergren
Oracle, Stockholm

Design Rationales in the JRockit JVM

Thu 29.09.2011, 16:15, 60 minutes
HF 9905


The JRockit JVM was originally developed by Appeal Virtual Machines as a from scratch server-side JVM in order to compete with HotSpot from Sun Microsystems. Appeal Virtual Machines was acquired by BEA Systems in 2002, which in turn became part of Oracle in 2010. JRockit is battle proven in the commercial space as a high performance server JVM and has unique monitoring and manageability capabilities for doing zero overhead instrumentation of production systems. This talk covers the design rationales that the JRockit architects did in code generation, memory management, synchronization and serviceability. The JRockit and HotSpot JVMs are currently in the process of being merged into one code base, most of which will be part of the OpenJDK.


Marcus Lagergren holds an M.Sc. in computer science from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He has a background in computer security but has worked with runtimes since 1999. Marcus was one of the founding members of Appeal Virtual Machines, the company that developed the JRockit JVM. He has been team lead and architect for the JRockit code generators and has been involved in pretty much every other aspect of the JRockit JVM internals. Marcus has worked for Oracle since 2008, mainly on fast virtualization technology for three years, but is now part of the Java langtools group. He is co-author of the book 'JRockit, the definitive guide', which is actually about Java runtimes in general as well. Marcus lives in Stockholm with his wife and two daughters. He likes power tools, heavy metal and scuba diving.
Invited by o.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hanspeter Mössenböck

The Computer Science Colloquium is organized by the Department of Coputer Science at JKU, the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Informatik (ÖGI) and the Österreichische Computergesellschaft (OCG).
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