Computer Science

Computer Science Colloquium

Prof. William F. Hunt, Jr.
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, N.C., and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, USA

„ An Alternate PM Fine Standard. – History and New Trends in Establishing Standards in Air Pollution in the United States“

Tue 18.05.2004, 18:00, 60 minutes
HS 12


Historical Air Pollution Episodes Systems of the Human Body that are Affected by Pollution Local and State Control Initiatives Major Legislative Landmarks Clean Air Act of 1970 Criteria Pollutants Air Quality Management Trends (air quality vs. emissions) History of PM (Particulate Matter) Standards Comparison of PSI/AQ Breakpoints Study Objectives


William F. Hunt is the former director of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Emissions, Monitoring and Analysis Division. The division consists of about 110 scientists, engineers and statisticians. He retired from his post two years ago and is presently Visiting Professor and Senior Scientist in the Department of Statistics at North Carolina State University. His main objective there is to strengthen and broaden the environmental programs and services of this university. Among numerous special assignments, Mr. Hunt advised the U.S. government in dealing with the air pollution problems resulting from the Kuwait oil fires in the Iraq war of 1991, and he served as the co-project leader of the U.S./Russia Working Group on Statistical Analysis Methodology on the Air Quality Trend Assessment. He has received several awards from governmental and private institutions for his work in air pollution matters.
Invited by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Helmut Beran, Institut für Angewandte Systemforschung und Statis

The Computer Science Colloquium is organized by the Department of Coputer Science at JKU, the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Informatik (ÖGI) and the Österreichische Computergesellschaft (OCG).
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