Computer Science


    • Application Oriented Knowledge Processing

      Photo: FAW-Logo a.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Josef Küng

      • Database Systems
      • Knowledge-based Systems
      • Web Information Systems

      Computational Perception

      Photo: CP-Logo Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gerhard Widmer

      • Computational Intelligence
      • Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition
      • Machine Perception
      • Multimedia Data Mining
    • Computer Architecture

      Photo: ICA-Logo Univ.-Prof. Dr. Robert Wille

      • Advanced Computer Systems Design
      • Parallel Systems (Hardware/Software)
      • Accelleration Technologies

      Computer Graphics

      Photo: CG-Logo Univ.-Prof. Dr. Oliver Bimber

      • Computer Graphics
      • Computer Vision
      • Visualization
      • Display and Imaging
    • Formal Models and Verification

      Photo: fmv-Logo Univ.-Prof. Dr. Armin Biere

      • Model Checking
      • Decision Procedures
      • SAT, QBF, SMT
      • Modelling, Testing and Debugging

      Integrated Circuits
      Photo: RIIC-Logo Univ.-Prof. Dr. Robert Wille

      • Integrated Circuits and System Design
      • Energy-efficient Analog Circuits
      • Medical Electronics
    • Machine Learning

      Photo: Machine Learniung Logo Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sepp Hochreiter

      • Deep Learning
      • Machine Learning
      • Bioinformatics & Genomics
      • Genetics & Clinical Studies

      Networks and Security

      Photo: INS-Logo Univ.-Prof. Dr. René Mayrhofer

      • Computer and Communication Security
      • Privacy and Usable Security
      • Networks and Distributed Systems
      • Wireless and Long-range Communication
    • Pervasive Computing

      Photo: pervasive-Logo Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alois Ferscha

      • Pervasive/Mobile Computing
      • Coordination and Interaction
      • Wireless Sensor Networks
      • Distributed Systems

      Signal Processing
      Photo: ISP-Logo Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mario Huemer

      • Statistical and Adaptive Signal Processing
      • Signal Processing Architectures
      • Integrated Signal Processing Systems
    • Software Systems Engineering

      Photo: ISSE-Logo Univ.-Prof. Dr. Alexander Egyed

      • Software Engingeering
      • Software-Intensive Systems
      • Software Development Lifecycle
      • Software Development Tools

      System Software

      Photo: SSW-Logo o.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hanspeter Mössenböck

      • Programming Languages & Compilers
      • Virtual Machines
      • Software Architectures
      • Software Engineering
    • Telecooperation

      Photo: TK-Logo Gabriele Anderst-Kotsis

      • Mobile and Distributed Computing
      • Data and Model Engineering
      • Performance Engineering
      • Multimedia and Web Information Systems
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