Computer Science

Recommended Courses for Bachelors of WIN and Informationselektronik

Graduates of the JKU Bachelor's programs Wirtschaftsinformatik and Informationselektronik are admitted to the Master in Computer Science without any restrictions. However, for certain areas of specialization in this Master's program we highly recommend to take preparatory courses from the Informatik Bachelor's program according to the following tables. These courses are then credited for the Complementary Subject in the Master of Computer Science.

For example, if a bachelor of Wirtschaftsinformatik selects "Computational Engineering" as the Major Subject in the Master's program we recommend that he or she takes "Algebra", "Analysis", "Berechenbarkeit und Komplexität", and "Digital Circuits" as preparatory courses. These courses can also be studied ahead in the Bachelor's program.

Recommended Courses for Bachelors in Wirtschaftsinformatik

Recommended Courses for Bachelors in Informationselektronik

1) if not already taken in the Bachelor's program
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